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Alysia Kerkove

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The Meadows

What did you want to be when you were a child?

Oh man, I wanted to be an accountant because I loved calculators! Such a ridiculous reason but man I’m fast punching in those numbers!

What called you to your work?

Interesting question. I never went to college but I knew I wanted to be successful and not work “for the man” but be the WOMAN!

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Leveraging the Collective Energy of LBB

There are two reasons to attend a Little Black Book event.  If you’re DOWN there is someone in the room that is there to build you up.  If you are UP, rest assured there is someone in the room who needs to be lifted by you.   Let me share a story.  My good friend...

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Mindful Eating

Over five years ago, after the birth of my second daughter, I hired a personal trainer to lose the rest of the pesky baby weight that was holding onto my body for dear life. Over the course of eight weeks, we worked out together and she pushed me harder than I had...

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Terri’s Travel By Design

Finding a destination on a map is one of my earliest memories.  Although as a child, my family didn’t travel to distant places, we did make monthly trips to Tennessee, Alabama and Arkansas to visit family.  And my parents always made it a priority to stretch...

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