New Member: Shelly Snow Pordea

Name: Shelly Snow Pordea

Business Name: MONAT

Occupation: Author/Direct Sales Rep

Joining the: Cottleville, MO Chapter



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My main reason for joining LBB:

Community Involvement

Lead Generation

Social Interaction

Shelly’s Bio:

Shelly Snow Pordea is a travel-loving author and speaker, as well as a direct sales rep with MONAT haircare. She loves helping people find solutions to maintain scalp health and get their best hair ever! She taught both English and Creative Writing for more than ten years, worked in administration, and is now enjoying her life of full-time writing and entrepreneurship. Shelly spent nearly fifteen years living in Eastern Europe with her family and is passionate about literacy, intercultural relationships, and humanitarian advocacy.

New Member: Kim Kelly

Name: Kim Kelly

Business Name: MojiLife

Occupation: Founding Independent Distributor

Joining the: St. Charles, MO Chapter



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I wish to be a member of LBB because:

As an Entrepreneur, I want to surround myself with Leadership. As a Founding Distributor, to a start-up company, I hope to meet “like” leaders to help me brand new revolutionary products to the mainstream.

My main reason for joining LBB:

Professional Development


Social Interaction

Kim’s Bio:

Hi, As a Founding Distributor to MojiLife, I am so excited to have the opportunity to launch a revolutionary new product into the marketplace. This is giving me the chance to recreate my life as a professional woman in the Direct Sale Market Place. I’m sold out to raising a family? I’m sold out to being the perfect wife? I’ve owned and operated a storefront retail business in the past; with one child hanging from one arm, another the over-achiever at the kitchen counter doing a science fair project, as the other blends in…been there, done it. I am hoping that my time has come for me to find and enjoy life as an entrepreneurial women.

Member Discount:

Free MojiPod fragrance with the purchase of a AirMoji bundle. (2 for 1 MojiPod)

New Member: Kat Sparks

Name: Kat Sparks

Business Name: Color Street

Occupation: Independent Color Street Stylist

I want to join the: Wentzville, MO Chapter



I wish to be a member of LBB because:

My passion is to create relationships and do life with other women through my business. I have a product that helps them save money, time and makes them feel confident about themselves.

My main reason for joining LBB:

  • Lead Generation
  • Personal Development
  • Professional Development

Applicant Bio:

I am a single mom of three, Nana of one and am passionate about relationships. I believe we were all created for relationship and everything we do is better because we work together, lifting each other up.

I am an independent stylist with Color Street. I know, I know…what IS Color Street you ask? It’s instant DRY nail polish on a strip! No tools, no bottles, no smudges and no mess and NO dry time! You have a better than professional manicure in LESS than 10 minutes and a mani/pedi in 15!!! All for $11 – $14!!!!

Would you be interested in providing a member only discount?

Yes, Every LBB member will get FREE Shipping and FREE Accent Nails from me!

New Member: Alicia Rogge

Name: Alicia J Rogge

Business Name: Bank of Franklin County

Occupation: Universal Banker

Joining the: Cottleville, MO Chapter


I wish to be a member of LBB because:

I believe it will allow me continued growth, both personally and professionally. I have attended the Coffee and Connections and I am impressed with the structure and the great group of women!

My main reason for joining LBB:

  • Community Involvement
  • Personal Development
  • Professional Development
  • Referrals
  • Social Interaction

Applicant’s Bio:

I began in banking in 1981 in Massachusetts, while still in high school. Got out of banking to pursue other interests and start a family. Raised my two kiddos and went back to work. Initially, I took on insurance compliance but the lack of personal contact with customers grew to where I longed to be in banking again. Currently, with Bank of Franklin County, I am part of a great team now in St Charles County.


Member Spotlight: Tiffany Wild

Name: Tiffany Wild

Your Organization’s Name: Eat Fit Go Healthy Foods

What did you want to be when you were a child?  A Flight Attendant because I thought I could travel the world and see everything I wanted to see.

What called you to your work? Health and wellness has always been a passion, and I loved the idea that being in health and wellness can connect me to all people. It is a personal desire of mine to look for a way to connect to another person and get to know them better…and health/wellness is an obvious place to start since we all have bodies to tend to here. Additionally, I love business. It is exciting to learn about all the businesses in the world and see how others thrive in their work. I always have something to learn from others in business, and I find that business lessons can flow over into other areas of life in positive ways.

Who in the community do you look up to? Do you have a role model? I have several women mentors…all who keep me sane and I work to glean as much life wisdom from them as possible. I am uncertain they would like to be named. But one is my mentor for business savvy. One is my mentor for general life wisdom. And one is my mentor for humility…my truth-teller who points out where I need improvement.

Do you have a personal or professional motto? I have never really considered a “motto” per se, but my business partner and I decided together, before we opened our doors, that the theme of our business together would resemble a verse in Psalms 115 that says “Not unto us, Lord, not unto us…” with the purpose saying that we would make our “why” others-centered.

Name your greatest success, or what you are most proud of, in your business experiences.  Although I give more of the credit to my husband & his partner for this, I would say the most successful endeavor was when we created a business from scratch in 2003. In 2007, I joined the company on a full-time basis and headed up the sales, marketing and business development department. By 2008, we were named one of the top 20 fastest growing privately owned businesses in the St Louis Business journal magazine. By 2015, we had 3 locations and 100+ employees when a global company came knocking. By the beginning of 2016, we decided to sell the business to the global company. Now I get to be a part of starting this new endeavor, Eat Fit Go, with my best friend, Brandi Huebner.

What product/service do you offer? Eat Fit Go is a healthy food retail store that sells perfectly portioned and ready to eat meals. They can be taken on the go or heated up & eaten right here in the store. We have over 55 different menu items from breakfast to lunch/dinner to snacks to salads and even some meals for the kiddos.

What makes your business unique? Eat Fit Go is designed to help the busiest of people have healthy choices for what they need every day to thrive…food. We provide the option to buy a single meal, a days worth or even a weeks worth at a time. We can help the busy mom take tasks off her plate or the traveling airline pilot or the training athlete. Our meals are fresh never frozen and we have a large variety of stocked coolers with fresh meals brought in almost every day.

What is the nicest thing a customer has ever said to you about your products/service? Despite “your food is delicious” I would say THE nicest compliments I hear relate to the friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff. I receive personal phone calls and have people stop me when they see my logo’d shirt to tell me they love the food and that the store employees were SO helpful in their meal selections, answering all their questions about macros and ingredients and they look forward to coming back just to see them.

What are three things you use every day in your job? 

  1. My sales reports (boring).
  2. The brains of my awesome employees for how we can improve.
  3. Coffee. =)

Tell us about organizations/charities you are passionate about.  This will be tough to keep short. =). I love my friends in Haiti. In 2009 I took my first trip to Haiti with my husband with The Global Orphan Project. Since that trip, we have been actively involved in orphan care and prevention there starting with the construction of an orphanage that would house 24 kiddos. After trip #15 there I sort of quit counting. We have and taken friends and other volunteers to visit with us. Haiti has beautiful people and they have taught me some of my most valuable life lessons…starting with gratitude. My business partner (Brandi) and I share this passion. We had our love for the kids in Haiti long before Eat Fit Go.

Locally, I sit on the governing board of an organization called KidSmart. I chaired their Development Board for 2 years, and now I chair their Operations Board. KidSmart provides school supplies to students living below the poverty line who couldn’t otherwise afford them. I firmly believe that education can positively reverse the trajectory of a child’s future, and if it starts with something as simple as a pencil and paper, then count me in.

When you are not working, what do you like to do in your spare time? Travel (I never lost that desire to see the world from youth and it’s one of my favorite things to do). I like a good book now and again. Systematic theology is where my inner-dweeb comes out. Play with my dogs and others’ dogs…dogs are the best. Good food and good wine with good friends.

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