New Member: Heather Kemper Hussey

Name: Heather Kemper Hussey

Business Name: The Expert Realty Company

Occupation: Realtor & Dir of Public Relations & Marketing

I wish to be a member of LBB because:

I’ve enjoyed belonging to a group of women who have each other’s best interest in mind.

Heather’s Bio:

Heather has almost 20-years experience in the public relations field, holding a BA in Communications/Public Relations from the University of Missouri, Columbia, and a Masters from Lindenwood University. Heather also has over 10-years of modeling/acting experience working on commercials, with catalogs, and more.

With decades of marketing experience under her belt, Heather is able to easily help you market your home to buyers. And as your agent, she promises to continually communicate with you to help navigate the overwhelming selling or buying process. Contact Heather directly today at 314.799.9292.

Mastering Large Networking Events

by Jamie Gittemeier
When you go to a large networking function what do you do to make the most of it? You know, those big functions that have a lot of people at them. Some people find it difficult to know where to start at a function like that. How do you make the most of it? It sounds great to be at an event that has 100 to 200 people at it however when you get there where do you start?

Know your crowd.

What do I mean by this? Know who will be there. Who can you help? Who will be there that you need to know? Who are some of the people that will be there working the event? Every networking event will have greeters at the front door. Let them know who you are looking for. That is what they are there for. Also be prepared to think outside the box. Helping others is going to help yourself. The best way that I know how to explain is to give you an example. So for example. Lets say I am going to a Northwest Chamber Lunch. Now if you have not been to one of these you know that there are nearly 200 people at one of these lunches. So lets say I am new and I do not know any of these people. We all know that is not the case. I have jumped into the Northwest Chamber and made sure that I know all of the whos who. So lets just say that I am new and don’t know anyone. Back when I was new I did a few things to prep for this 1st meeting. I looked on the calendar and checked out the other smaller events that that chamber had going on before the 1st big lunch. They have a morning coffee every month along with a women’s group called WIN and a happy hour. They have so many smaller groups to choose from. I love that. Smaller groups are a great way to get to know one or two networkers who know the people of the larger group very well. That is one way to get to know your crowd. But lets say that you don’t have time for that. You are going to this event and there are no small events that you can go to before it happens. No worries. You know what to do. You got this. Go in with confidence. So here it goes you go in there and arm yourself with everything you need. Have your nametag on, have plenty of business cards, have a pen and notepad, and be comfortable. It is so hard to be doing what you need to do if you can not walk in the shoes that you picked or if your clothes don’t fit right or are wrinkled.

Dress for success.

I have always told my kiddos Look Good- Feel Good- Do Good. Those are words to live by. So there you are. You Look good, you feel good, you have on your name tag, your business cards, a pen and a notepad. You walk in and you are handed off to an ambassador who will be showing you around and introducing you. So they would say- Hi Jamie. I am so glad you came to check out our chamber. What can I do for you? Who can I introduce you to? I say well Carstar Parmentier offers Continuing education classes to insurance agents. I would love to get that word out. The ambassador will then walk me over to Jerry Conlon. He is with Heartland Insurance. So Jerry and I get to talking. I tell him all about our upcoming Continuing Education Classes. I find out that Jerry is interested in networking in the O’Fallon area and that he meets with people in Wentzville and Lake St. Louis a lot. He struggles with where a good meeting place is with his clients. Coffee shops tend to be loud and distracting and people just really don’t love meeting in their homes. I then start to tell him all about some different things the O’Fallon Chamber does. And I go into, Mr. Conlon give me one of your business cards and I will send you an email introduction to Nina with the O’Fallon Chamber. She is great and she can help you get to know the right people in that area. For that matter, there is also a great friend of mine I would like to introduce you to, Shanna Palans. She is the owner of Inspire 70. That is a great place to meet clients. It is designed just for that. She also is a person who knows everyone. She would be a great person for you to know so I will also do an email introduction to her. So now at this point I have a strong in with an Insurance agent. I have been cautious to not just throw up who I am and what I need but to find out who he is and what are his needs. And I have been able to not only help Jerry with his continuing education credits but also his networking and business needs. That is a very strong in. He now would love to help me out. And if you remember in one of my previous notes I talked about my email that I send and how it had a copy and paste of what I need. Well when I send out this email introduction it will have that copy and pasted in it.


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New Member: Steph Auping

Name: Steph Auping

Business Name: Return on Talent Investments, LLC

Occupation: HR/Training

I wish to be a member of LBB because:

I want the opportunity to meet, learn from and to part of other women’s growth. I wish to surround myself more with others who are looking to expand, both personally and professionally.

Steph’s Bio:

Stephanie Auping has spent the bulk of her career focused on organizational effectiveness, modifying work processes or collective/individual behaviors to better drive business results. She has done this work both as a consultant to multinational organizations and as an internal resource for an insurance brokerage firm, heavy-steel manufacturer, and a nonprofit employer’s association. Over the last decade she has worked with CEB’s Talent Solutions group to create and deliver development programs that actualize the research. Stephanie is currently delivering programs in the Customer Contact space, specifically designed around the Low-Effort Service Experience work and for CEB’s Leadership Academy—a functionally specific executive development skills accelerator program. Her work has spanned all major industries in 25 different countries and virtual instruction.

Throughout her consulting and corporate career, Ms. Auping has been responsible for many facets of business: budgetary responsibility, managed a P&L centers, and served as a project manager on several large-scale projects, including technology implementations. This practical experience this gives her a solid business foundation which enables her to deliver CEB’s content through the lens of a business partner, like the roles that our participants are being asked to fulfill. Her education and professional background with adult learning principals allow her to bridge the world of theory and reality. Consistent with the Academy learning outcomes, Ms. Auping focuses the participants on meaningful, impactful, and practical learning outcomes for the sessions she facilitates.

Ms. Auping holds Bachelor of Science degrees in History and Secondary Education from Missouri State University and a Master of Science degree in Human Resources Management from Lindenwood University. She earned a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) designation in 2001. Presently she is working on her doctoral dissertation in Organization and Management.

Stephanie wasn’t born, but was raised in the St. Peters area. She currently resides in the Marthasville area with her husband, Matt and two beautiful twins, Carter and Maleah.

New Member: Anna Alt

Name: Anna Alt, Marketing and Sales

Business Name: LSL Finishes

Chapter: Maryland Heights, MO Chapter

I wish to be a member of LBB because:

I visited an LBB group as a guest. I was impressed with how the women in the group were willing to help the others and how they wanted to know personal aspects of the others. I went in not knowing anything and walked away wanting to be a part of something so special.

Anna’s Bio:

Anna Alt is the Sales and Marketing Director for LSL Finishes, a painting, flooring, and trim company. After eight years as a stay at home mom and three years as a special education teacher’s assistant, she wanted to try something new. She is looking for like-minded professional women that understand the juggling of being an executive, wife, and mother. Anna looks forward to giving and receiving advice and support.

10 Ideas for Self-Empowerment

Self-empowerment and self-confidence begins with our mindset, attitude, and willingness to learn.  Read this chart, print it if you need to.  Take an active part in your greatness.

10 Ideas for Self-Empowerment

Idea Example / Comment
  • Practice affirmations
“I know what I’m doing.” “I can do anything I set my mind to.”
  • Kick perfect to the curb
Strive for personal excellence, not perfection. Realize when “good enough” really IS good enough.
  • Value your strengths
Be able to name what you’re good at. Write them down. Share your talents with the world.
  • Treat yourself and others with respect
Kindness and courtesy are the currency of dignity.
  • Look people in the eye and stand tall
Posture is important.  It tells the world what you think of yourself.
  • Learn or do something new
Never stop growing.
  • Speak with authority
Use an authoritative tone and avoid “ums,” “ah,” and upspeak.
  • Surround yourself with positive people
Reduce the impact of “negative nellies” in your life.
  • STOP the negative self-talk
Why are you doing this to yourself? Remember the affirmations? Repeat enough times until you believe them.
  • Fake it until you make it
Even if you don’t feel confident and powerful, practice behaving that way. Soon, it will become your habit.



New Member: Robin Brengle

Name: Robin Brengle

Business Name: Cruise Planners

Chapter: St. Charles

I wish to be a member of LBB because:

I met an LBB member at our Chamber meeting, and as we chatted, she told me about LBB, which would be a perfect fit for what I’m trying to accomplish with our relatively new business. I’d like to be a member of an active group of women working toward a goal of success, that offer support, learning, ideas, that are open to partnering to grow business, along with the opportunity for personal, and professional growth, leads, personal interaction, and a group that helps our community.

Applicant Bio:

Robin Brengle is a former travel agent, who managed a cruise only agency, before moving on to become a Business Development Manager for Holland America Line, & Windstar Cruises for almost 20 yrs. She also was a Regional Sales Director for American Queen Steamboat Company and was VP of Sales for Uncommon Journeys. Robin and her husband John (a retired architect) bought and opened their Cruise Planners: An American Express office, in January of 2017. In addition to cruises, Cruise Planners specializes in all travel; river cruises, tours, all-inclusive, air, villa rentals, groups, train travel, and specializes in cruises and tours to Alaska, as Robin has been going since 1987. She lives in St. Charles, with John, and their two cats: Bengal Dakota, and F1 (half Bengal, half Asian Leopard cat) Indiana.

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