February 28, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Kokomo Joes
4105 N Cloverleaf Dr a
St Peters
MO 63376

Speaker: Meredith Seithel– Mittelstadt, Tiger Lily

In 2009, I became a single mom. I made it through some very scary times and made some very risky life decisions to provide for my son. I had no family and few close friends nearby to be “helping hands”, or “shoulders to cry on”. I prayed harder than I have ever prayed in my entire life – out loud, through huge tears and screams, begging God to “Make it all better!!”
I never gave up… that was never an option!

I went numb during those years, moved by fear and did what had to be done to keep the lights on and put food in my son’s belly. I wanted to keep him in an environment that was positive, clean and safe.

I had gone to college, had a great job in hospitality management with benefits and was a prior business owner three times over. At one time, life was pretty good. Then, one day, I found myself without my husband, a house I couldn’t afford, a (then) six-year-old son, a crazy dog and bills that kept coming.

WOW – did life change in the blink of an eye!!

I needed to make a change in work, so I looked for a weekday/ daytime “job” that paid a decent salary. I wanted to be home in the evenings and weekends for my son to have a “quality of family life” that is so important. I couldn’t fathom spending half of my income for someone else to raise my son. That wasn’t going to happen!

My new reality hit! One horrible job after another, after another, after another. Companies going out of business, writing bad checks for my pay, underpayment – you name it.. I lived it!! BUT…I kept going!

I found resources through endless searching online…. What a humiliating and humbling experience. But, how strengthening! I was angry that I was forced to figure out “how to survive in the wild”… by myself. There were great resources – but they weren’t readily available to a woman like me. I made “too much money” to get the help from most programs, but surely not enough money to survive on one income where we lived.

Then…one day…God heard me and answered my prayers!! So now – It’s MY TURN to help others that want to help themselves. I don’t ever want another woman to feel the fear I felt during that time of my life.

This is what God had planned for me. I lived that life, so that I could help someone else out of their darkness and into His glorious light!.


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