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by Becky Jecha
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If so, welcome to the life of an Entrepreneur! You are on the right track!

Having an entrepreneurial spirit is truly a blessing and a curse at times…but for those of us with a rebel heart…it is the only way! We just don’t do well in traditional settings-some might call us unemployable!

It is a passion that burns and you just can’t settle it down. You’ve been given a gift. Something to accomplish. A need to fill. Something only YOU can do. People only YOU can touch.

I knew at a very young age I would not be able to conform to the mindset of  home-to-work-work-to-home, 5 – 6 days, 40+ hours per week to build someone else’s dream and put their kids through college…Who created that anyway? OH YEAH! The employers!

Robert Kiyosaki spoke on his book tour for Rich Dad Poor Dad and the concept resonated with me. He explained 4 categories-employee, self employed (creating a job for yourself), business owner (leveraging time thru others), and investor (your money at work for you).

I quickly decided I HAD to get to the right side of the quadrant. Being self employed was certainly better than working for someone else, but I wanted time and freedom and this would require leverage.

For me, the journey to true Business Ownership has been a work in progress. Years of compiling experiences, learning from people who have done it, trial and error, self sabotage, sacrifice, and in some cases having to let go of things and people who somehow I have allowed to keep me from going for it 100%. I have talked myself out of so many things over the years…the only way to fail is to quit, so that was never an option.

Once I heard a speaker say “you just haven’t found the right people yet”. True. Sharing a vision or dream with the wrong ones can be deadly!  Still somehow no matter what happens, the spirit of the TRUE entrepreneur can not be broken!  It may not look like it did at conception, it may be a work in progress. It may transform over time. It just may be more than you ever dreamed possible!

Over the past 2 years, I have been kicking around ideas, sharing with the right people, people who “get” me. What a difference that makes. The time is right, and the “stars have aligned”!

And so, as I journey into new waters this year to bring my vision to life, I must be patient with the process and attach myself to the activity. I  choose to go ONLY where I am celebrated. Surrounding myself with like-minded people who have gifts and talents I do not possess. I choose to BELIEVE in all that is possible. I will ACHIEVE being the best version of me and that I might be a light for others to accomplish what they were born to do!

To everyone who shares my passion, make this the year that you jump! Take the limits off and believe in your dreams. You were born for greatness. And you have all that you need! Claim it!





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