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Chapter Joining: Greater St Charles

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I wish to be a member of LBB because:

Being self-employed can often make owners feel alienated and alone on a mission of striving for success. What I recognized right away when I attended a luncheon as a guest, is a group of fantastic women eager to support and lift each other in business and in life. I spent 3 decades in a large corporate environment and want to spend my time wisely with other’s who have taken fate into their own hands. I am also magnetized by the community spirit to give and support local charities.

My main reason for joining LBB:

Professional Development

My Bio:

After winding my way down the yellow brick road for many years, I had an enlightening conversation with the Great and Powerful Oz. I learned that where I needed to go was exactly where I started. With an entrepreneurial mindset that I could never shake, I left the corporate world after 25 years to do my own thing. My husband and I have built a local self-storage business out of the basic need for clearing our own clutter in our lives and I want to help others do the same. With passion, our dreams started to form as Ample Storage became our mission and reality. I am now full-time in the self-storage business and enjoy helping local neighbors and businesses with their storage needs. My background in sales and small-business start-ups has provided me a foundation to want to do storage differently. I’m always eager to grow and learn and appreciate networking with others who like to share.

Member Offer:

20% off Listed Rental Rates (Locked-in)

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