Name: Jamie Gittemeier

Your Organization’s Name: Carstar Wentzville And Bridgeton

What did you want to be when you were a child? A Mother.

What called you to your work? Over the years my husband and I started businesses to build up and sell. I have done a little bit of everything. Marketing and Networking has always been my favorite part of all of those experiences. Jon Parmentier (Owner of Carstar Wentzville/Bridgeton) and I have known each other through most of those businesses. So when he called me to do his networking and marketing I knew we were a great fit for each other.

Who in the community do you look up to? Do you have a role model? Wow, tough question! There are so many people in my community that I look up to. I have always felt it was important to surround yourself with amazing people. This will push you to be the best that you can. I do have a core group of women who I refer to as my Personal Board Of Directors or PBD. These are the women that I know I can call in for the really hard stuff. But if I had to name just one of them it would probably be Shanna Palans. I feel like my Dad and my Brother has always been my role models when it comes to work.

Do you have a personal or professional motto? You Don’t Know Who You Don’t Know Until You Know Them!

Name your greatest success, or what you are most proud of, in your business experiences. I was Wentzville Chamber Person of the Year one year. But I would have to say that I felt most proud and accomplished when I found myself seeking employment and I had several offers from companies to do their marketing and networking.

What product/service do you offer? At Carstar we do Auto Body Repair.

What makes your business unique? It is the way we handle our customers that sets us apart. Jon and the rest of the staff that he has chosen treat each case as if it was their next door neighbor or their child.

We also like to take good care of our Insurance agents. We know they have a choice as to who to send their clients. We like to get to know them on a more personal level. One thing we do to make that happen is offer them Continuing Education Classes for free.

What is the nicest thing a customer has ever said to you about your products/service?  I always have people tell me when they find out where I work what a great experience they have had with us.

What are three things you use every day in your job?  computer, phone, car

Tell us about organizations/charities you are passionate about.  Wentzville Fire Department Community OutreachBlue Line FamiliesO’Fallon ChamberNorthwest Chamber, and of course Little Black Book.

When you are not working, what do you like to do in your spare time? Hang out with my family. Walking in the woods, watching my youngest play softball and having family dinners with all our kids and extended kids.


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