Membership Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions. The following definitions apply to this Agreement: (i) “You” and “Your” refer to you as a Member. (ii) “We”, “Us” and “Our” refer to Little Black Book, Women in Business, LLC. (iii) “Programs” refer to all written networking, educational, and promotional programs offered by Little Black Book, Women in Business, LLC (iv) “Services” refer to all services offered by Little Black Book, Women in Business, LLC.

2. Membership Benefits. The annual membership allows you to be affiliated with Little Black Book: Women In Business, LLC (“Little Black Book”) and use all of the available resources of Little Black Book through the Term of this Agreement and any renewal term. You agree to all of the terms of this Agreement and the Little Black Book policies which may be modified from time to time by Little Black Book at its discretion. I acknowledge and agree that my membership is non-transferable and gives me no rights to manage, control or own any part of the services or programs offered by Little Black Book to its members. Little Black Book shall have the absolute right to determine the nature of its policies and services. In addition to the Programs offered by Little Black Book, each chapter may offer additional benefits which may vary depending on the geographic location of the chapter, its professional relationships, and the leadership team of the chapter.

3. Programs and Services. Little Black Book offers services to its Members from time to time, including training and mentoring for its Members (“Services”). Little Black Book will publish the available Services to Members on its website, Little Black Book has authored and protected certain programs Business, LLC. and materials which it considers intellectual property (“Programs”). All Programs offered by Little Black Book will be made available to its Members for use during the term of the Agreement. Member acknowledges that the Programs are copyrighted materials and proprietary to Little Black Book. The programs may also be protected by trademark rights of Little Black Book. After the term of membership has expired, Member will return all written copies of the Programs to Little Black Book and cease using the Programs in Member’s networking activities outside of Little Black Book.

4. Payment Terms. Member agrees that in order to receive the Membership Benefits, all dues scheduled in full for the membership and any renewal thereof. No dues or fees are refundable. Whether or not you utilize the Member Programs and Services, you are obligated for the annual membership dues to use the Programs or Services and any renewal payment terms. You agree to pay Little Black Book a reasonable administrative fee of $50 for any returned check, or debit problem, such as non-sufficient funds, closed accounts, frozen or declined credit or similar circumstances. Annual dues are $240 payable in full or $20/month for 12 months. Membership will be renewed automatically after 12 months. Should a member who opted for the monthly payment plan cancel their membership prior to their 12 month subscription obligation, member is liable for a $100 cancelation fee in addition to the balance of the membership dues. Should a member wish to discontinue their membership in Little Black Book after their initial 12 month subscription, 30 days written notice to chapter leadership is required.

5. Sharing of Information. Member acknowledges and agrees that in order to for Little Be lack Book to effectively implement its Programs and Services, the information of Member provided in the Application may be shared with any other Little Black Book Member in order to provide effective networking resources.

6. Approval of Membership. Member acknowledges and agrees that her application for membership is subject to approval by the Little Black Book membership committee, which bases its acceptance on chapter size, location, open positions, etc. for your particular profession. You acknowledge and agree that Little Black Book is an “industry inclusive” organization which allows multiple members to join a chapter even if the members are employed by businesses in the same industry or profession. Additionally, You acknowledge and agree that Little Black Book is a “brand exclusive” organization which only allows one member to join a chapter from a particular business. You will be notified as to your acceptance or rejection within ten (10) days of receipt of your application and fee. If rejected, you will be entitled to a full refund of your membership fee(s).

7. Membership Limitations and Termination. Little Black Book may terminate a Member’s chapter membership in the event that Member fails to attend a chapter meeting or sponsored event within any ninety (90) day period. In such an event, Little Black Book shall notify the Member that their position is available to be filled by another person in their “brand exclusive” category. Additionally, Member acknowledges and agrees that Member shall not utilize their membership affiliation with Little Black Book as a platform to sell their business to other Members. While incidental sales to other chapter members are allowed, the marketing efforts of Member is to be focused on the referrals of other chapter members and not the members themselves. In the event the chapter leadership team determines that Member is violating this restriction, your Membership may be terminated. Finally, Member acknowledges and agrees that she will refer to and promote other chapter members first prior to referring to other professionals who are in the same industry as other chapter members.

8. Limitations of Liability. Any liability to you as a Member involving Little Black Book, its officers, directors, employees, agents and representatives for any cause of action whatsoever arising out of or related to this Agreement and/or your membership and participation in Little Black Book, will at all times be limited to the amount of the annual membership fees paid by Member. In no event shall there be any liability to you by Little Black Book for any indirect, consequential, incidental, exemplary, special or punitive damages.

9. Member Representations. Member represents that you have truthfully completed this application and have the credentials listed herein. Member further acknowledges that she has the authority to apply for membership in Little Black Book on behalf of the Company listed on the application. Member acknowledges and agrees to the Little Black Book Policies and Regulations (a copy of which has been provided and reviewed by Member) for which all Members are expected to comply. Member acknowledges that the Little Black Book Policies and Regulations may change from time to time after the provision of at least 60 days written notice.

10. Assignment. This Agreement shall NOT be assignable by Member and is personal only to Member. This Agreement shall be assignable by Little Black Book in its sole discretion and does not require the consent of any Member. Little Black Book shall provide at least 60 days written notice to all Members in the event of such an assignment.

11. Dispute Resolution. This Agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Missouri. The parties consent to the venue of the Circuit Court of St. Charles County regarding any disputes hereunder and waive their right to a jury trial. If any action at law is brought to enforce or interpret the provisions of this Agreement, Little Black Book shall be entitled to recover its reasonable attorney fees and all other costs and expenses.

12. Member Acknowledgement. You agree that you have read and agree to the terms of this Membership Agreement and the provisions set forth herein, understand the terms thereof, and agree to all of the terms contained thereon, including the Little Black Book Policies and Regulations. Member certifies and declares that all representations on the Application are true and correct and that any misrepresentations or false statements may be grounds for rejecting my Application or if found in the future, immediate termination of my Membership without any refund or reimbursement. I further agree that my membership is conditional and I agree to abide by the terms and conditions set forth herein and the Little Black Book Policies and Regulations which I have received.

I acknowledge that breach of these terms, conditions, policies and regulations shall be grounds to terminate my membership. I have read all of the terms of this Agreement and agree to be bound by the same.

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