Name: Andrea Denningmann

Title: Boutique Owner/Buyer

Business Name: Addi & Ains Boutique

I wish to be a member of LBB because:

I have attended a couple events and have met many wonderful ladies that I would love to partner with and share advice, ideas and opinions with one another.

Applicant Bio:

Andrea Denningmann is the owner of Addi & Ains Boutique, a women’s lifestyle boutique offering apparel, accessories, gift & home decor. The mission behind the business is to style women from the inside out for God’s Glory. Andrea prides herself in helping women gain confidence and feeling beautiful the way God created them to be. She loves serving others. The inspiration behind her brand are her precious daughters Addison and Ainsley. She saw a need for a brand that encompassed the unique style of each daughter that portrays their personalities within the brand. She involves her children in all aspects of the business in order to foster an entrepreneurial spirit within them.

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