Name: Cinnamon R. Johnson

Business Name: Cinnamon Rose Photography

Occupation: Portrait Photographer

I want to join the: Cottleville, MO Chapter



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I wish to be a member of LBB because:

Helping women feel beautiful and amazing is the base of my business model.

My main reason for joining LBB:

  • Community Involvement
  • Lead Generation
  • Personal Development
  • Professional Development
  • Referrals
  • Social Interaction

My Bio:

My mission is to capture images in a way that every time you look at them, your inner voice whispers “Yeah, that’s me and I am beautiful!”. It is far too easy to think of things we don’t like about ourselves, I want to remind you of all the things you love about yourself. Often we have a smile that our friends and family recognize and love, and we have a different smile for when someone pulls out a camera and our inner voice says “What do I do with my face?”, the split second is over and we’re stuck with whatever our face did at that moment. I like to think there is a lot more to what I do than pushing a shutter button and that is what I love about it! Every time I see someone relax in front of my camera and I catch those pictures, I feel honored. I invite you to a photo session with me. Let me take care of making you look your best.

I have always been interested in photography, but I bought a decent camera to take pictures of my child playing soccer. I quickly became addicted to learning everything I could about it. I settled into a combination of my favorite things about it. I started my business in Springfield, MO and moved it to O’fallon, along with my family. I use it to connect with people and to empower them, that’s why I love being a portrait photographer. I would photograph you every season of your life to celebrate your legacy, and show you how the people who love you see you.

Would you be interested in providing a member only discount?

Yes, I will offer a gift voucher for $200 off to use at your image reveal.

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