Name: Heather Box, Owner

Business: The Silver Hanger Boutique, LLC

I wish to be a member of LBB because:

I love everything about LBB! I love the idea of fellow businesswomen coming together to build relationships, learn, and collaborate. I am so excited to get to know more ladies of LBB and be a part of such an amazing group of women in business.

My main reason for joining LBB:

  • Community Involvement
  • Personal Development
  • Professional Development
  • Social Interaction

Heather’s Bio:

The Silver Hanger Boutique specializes in Ladies’ Apparel including clothing, shoes, and accessories. We carry sizes Sm-3X. It is my passion to carry quality and affordable fashion. Putting together looks for women and helping them find a cute and comfortable style is one of my favorite things to do. Whether it is for work or play, I’ve got you covered at an affordable price! The Keep in mind that since it is a Boutique I only carry limited sizes and quantity; and I on, and stock certain items like the essential basics. I will do my best to keep the most affordable fashion forward trends in stock!

I am part of a collective of 8 different boutiques, called Boutique It. We are located at The Meadows in Lake St. Louis. I also have a website for the store. All items are shipped directly from The Silver Hanger Boutique. I only ship items that I have in stock and that have been passed through quality control. I take great pride in carrying quality pieces!

I also have a passion for paying it forward! In fact, I am “Redefining Fashion Forward”! What does that mean? Well, with every purchase I will donate a brand NEW item of clothing to Eagle’s Wings (an organization that provides new clothing to children in need)!

I hope you love what I have and will tell everyone you know about The Silver Hanger Boutique!

Make every day Glamorous!

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