Name: Joan Williams

I want to join the: St. Charles, MO Chapter

Business Name: Joan Williams Photography

Occupation: Photographer


Personal Facebook

Business Facebook

I wish to be a member of LBB because:

I’ve been to 2 events and I feel very “at home” with the women I’ve met. They are professional but not pushy. The presentations have been interesting and diverse. I would like to get to know the members better and include them in my social and business networks.

My main reason for joining LBB:

  • Lead Generation
  • Professional Development
  • Social Interaction


Joan’s Bio:

I am a portrait photographer. I create beautiful images of people—everyone from babies to grandmas. I especially like creating images of women that make them see the beauty in themselves that everyone else sees. And it’s not just about the results but also about the experience of being pampered and made to feel and look beautiful. I’ve achieved a Professional Certification status by the Professional Photographers of America. I also donate my time and talents to women less fortunate through Our Lady’s Inn Home.

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