Name: Kathy Markowski, Agent

Chapter: Troy

Business: Meyer and Company Real Estate

I wish to be a member of LBB because:

I like the idea of taking time for myself to be with other women who have the same struggles as I do ( being a woman who has a business) and who are looking to gather together to make a difference in each others life by helping one another and being supportive and in the process make a friend or two (or 3 or 4!) and then from that maybe gain some business from the relationships. It’s just good to gather with each other and be supportive!

Applicant Bio:

I am 43 years YOUNG 😉 happily married woman (of 20 years), proud mother of 2 “perfect” children, Jake 11 and Kaite 5, who just happens to be a self-employed REALTOR of 12 years. As of January 2017 became the East Central Board of Realtors President for a 1-year term and I am very active in the REALTOR community as well as with all the church events, school events, sports, and dance and karate my kids and I do. 😉

This is just a small Bio but lets you in on the wonderful kinda life that is Mine! 😉


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