Name: Lauren Moritz, Realtor

Chapter: Washington

Business Name: CB Premier Group

I wish to be a member of LBB because:

My mother did a rock-star job of raising an independent, strong-willed, young woman even if at times she wished she hadn’t! Because of her, I’ve always been about “girl-power” and the idea that I could and should do anything I set my mind to. I feel that as women, we have to come together to support each other and raise one another up. After visiting LBB meetings and getting to know some of the members, I can see that is exactly what this group is about. I’m looking forward to LBB helping me not only grow my business but enrich my life personally and my skill set professionally.

Lauren’s Bio:

I grew up in the small community of Jonesburg, MO and graduated high school from Warrenton High School. I then attended the University of Missouri-Columbia (M-I-Z!) and got my Bachelors Degree there in Hospitality Business Management. During and after college I worked for several different restaurants & event venues selling private parties, corporate events and lots of weddings! You may recognize me from Cedar Lake Cellars, Innsbrook Resort or Cork & Barrel Chophouse.

I loved selling & planning events but that career meant long hours away from home and took a toll physically and emotionally. My husband, Shawn, is Army National Guard and a police officer for the Warren County Sheriffs Department. So after years of not having much time together, I decided to try something new and start my own business as a Real Estate Agent. I had been around construction and real estate my whole life due to my father and grandfathers careers so I felt comfortable breaking into this new industry.

My previous experience in sales and customer service has been extremely helpful in my new adventure and so has support from my community. With Shawn’s involvement as a police officer and both of us growing up in Warren County, our community is extremely important to us. I recently joined the area Backstoppers Organization and am looking for more ways to give back and get involved locally.

In addition to building a real estate business, I aspire to increase homeownership and to help grow and improve my hometown.

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