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I know and adore several LBB members and they all recommended the group to me. I know it must be amazing since they all love this LBB Tribe! I look forward to learning from other members and making new connections. You LBB ladies are amazing!

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  • Personal Development
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  • Coffee & Connections

Stephanie’s Bio:

Stephanie Paasch is a married mother of 3 wonderful children (Serrina, Colby, Caitlyn). I am a lifetime resident of the Show-Me state. I have always dreamed of being an author. I have been telling my kids these stories for years and have decided to share these stories with the world.

2018 is the kickoff to the Sparklepants Revolution! “The Adventures of Sparklepants” series features over 20 stories about Ellie Marie and her beloved pet dog, Sparklepants. They go on a super fun adventure in every book. You will love these characters and learning about all the different adventures they partake in!

In the debut novel, “Sparklepants: Moving Day,” Ellie Marie and Sparklepants are moving out of the only home they have ever known (7 long years)! They learn what a Realtor is and how anyplace can feel like home if you are surrounded with those people who love you. Especially when the new house feels like home because you get a super cool new room to share with Sparklepants!

Other Sparklepants books include these topics: A Day at the Zoo, The Great Big Make-Over, Show and Tell, Going to the Old Quarry, Beach Time at the Lake, Birthday Celebration, Fishing on the Farm, Glamping 101, Meeting the Fair Queen, Rodeo Clown, Playdate with Glittermama, The Amazing Ranger Ride, Tea Party, Treasure Hunt, Anti Bully Bus Ride, Sparklepants Wedding Day, Birthday Celebration and so much more! There will even be a spin-off series after Wedding Day!!!!!!

Sparklepants isn’t the only series I have in the works, I am also working on a middle-grade chapter book series called, “The Colby Chronicles,” another children’s series named “Peaches & Zoom Travel the USA,” and a young adult trilogy. More to come on those projects!

When I am not writing, I am reading or researching, or doing the Mom job. I am always writing in my head. In fact, I have written 2 stories during my daughter’s Girl Scouts meetings. I am always looking for inspiration for my next story…

You might wonder where my love of reading stemmed from… My Mom is to blame. In a good way of course. As a child, I read every book I could find and had dozens of favorite authors. In fact, I read every kid appropriate book in my local library! (Self-proclaimed Nerd Alert!) I wanted to learn about everything and I had an overly active imagination. I even read Encyclopedias for fun…

I went to college on both Art and Academics scholarships. I love to paint, especially landscapes, but I do not illustrate my own books. I studied Management and Marketing. I went to Missouri Western State University in St Joseph. I married my high school sweetheart. We moved back to his hometown to raise our kids. We have such a great community and so many friends here, it will always be home.

Connect with your children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews by reading them a great story. Give them something to dream about! Then ask what they thought about the books! Pass along the love of reading and learning, every generation needs it!

My tagline is:

Create. Write. Repeat.

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