A Kind Business

I would like to join the Troy Chapter.


I wish to be a member of LBB because…

I am new to the area + I’m looking to grow my friendships as well as join in on some development.

My main reason for joining is…

Social Interaction

My Bio:

I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur + proud. Back in 2013, I co-founded an A Kind Boutique with my mother, and shortly after I co-created a holistic lifestyle collective called A Kind Journey, + in 2015 (officially 2018) this business collective, A Kind Business.

As a Holistic Business Coach + a ‘make it happen’ girl, I thrive on helping others reach their potential + surpass it! I’m here to help people ditch overwhelm, get unstuck, and finally make things happen by cultivating that entrepreneur mindset, crafting their unique vision, setting a sustainable strategy, and creating a mindful plan of action so they can create more freedom, flexibility and flow in their life + business.

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