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I have been blessed to know a number of members as well as go to the BRR BASH. I have been so impressed by the way that you are about uplifting each other, giving freely, asking nothing in return. I was also impressed by how knowledgeable April was during the last lunch. You are a great organization and I would be honored to be a part of it.

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Professional Development

My Bio:

Valerie Brosseau is an innovator with over 10 years of award-winning digital marketing experience at Vivial. Her responsibilities include providing valuable insight and creating brand strategies that include clients like Buffalo Wild Wings, and Exit Realty on a national level, as well as Lance Rogers with Farmers insurance on a local scale. She was the Keynote Speaker on Digital Marketing for the St. Louis Business Expo in April 2019. Whether your business needs a robust website, Help getting found on Search, more customers, or help to get engagement and followers through social media, Valerie can help!

Discount Offered to LBB Members:

Free Consult and 1 hour of assistance with any social media platform. (Including how to set up a Google My Business Page, or Chat Bot with Instant Replies on Facebook, YouTube and More)

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