New Member: Connie Herron

Name: Connie J. Herron Business Name: Connie J. Herron Agency Chapter: Cottleville I wish to be a member of LBB because: I felt such a positive energy among the group when I attended Coffee & Connections. I look forward to helping others and making a difference as...

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New Member: Kendra Lacy

Chapter: St. Charles, MO Name: Kendra Lacy Business Name: DōTERRA Website: Facebook: Live. Love. Learn: with Kendra I wish to be a member of LBB because: Great opportunity to network and continue to work towards my vision of having...

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New Member: AnnMarie Hoerr

Name: AnnMarie Hoerr Business: A.M. Hoerr Financial, a Wealth Advisor Business City:  Washington, MO Chapter: Washington I wish to be a member of LBB because: I enjoy the company of many of the ladies that I know in the group and would like to invest some time in...

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New Member: Jennifer Langston

Please welcome, Jennifer Langston with Rodan + Fields: Independent Consultant - Jennifer Bakameyer-Langston as one of the leaders of our Cottleville Chapter. Jennifer is returning to LBB, she was the FIRST paying member. Her life led her on a detour and now we are...

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New Member: Jennifer Carroll

Please welcome, Jennifer Carroll, from The Medicine Shoppe Lake St Louis to the Cottleville Chapter.  She is Pharmacist/Owner of the Medicine Shoppe. I wish to be a member of LBB because: I love the idea of like-minded women who understand and live many of the...

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New Member: Stacey VanBuskirk

Please welcome Stacey VanBuskirk with VB Chocolate Bar to our Cottleville Chapter. I own VB Chocolate Bar in Cottleville and two locations of Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company in the Saint Charles area with her husband, Connor.  They will also be hosting the...

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New Member: Jennifer Jarvia

Please welcome, Jennifer Jarvia, to our Wentzville chapter.  She is the owner of  A JOURNEY INWARD in Wentzville. Jennifer specializes in empowerment through following her intuition as she guides people to their journey inward to live their highest and best versions...

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New Member: Veronica Krill

Please welcome, Veronica Krill with the Calcari Agency to our Cottleville Chapter. She is joining LBB to help empower her skills in business and on a personal level.  My name is Veronica and I have 5 amazing boys and a supportive husband! She loves to help make sure...

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HerPOWer Self Defense Course: Level I

HerPOWer Self Defense, Empowerment, and Personal Safety Course teaching participants the philosophy for evaluating their environment, situational awareness, and defense strategies. Don't be afraid to walk alone at night! [video width="1920" height="1080"...

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Time to Smile!

written by Derlene Hirtz, Founder of You.Empowered Services Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love. Mother Theresa Continuing on my journey to meeting 1200 people by the end of January 2108, I met Kenneth this week.  I have...

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“​Little Black Book fulfilled me as a Working Woman. Between balancing the many roles of Mom, wife, business owner, and still trying not to lose myself in it all, I found a great group of like woman where we come together to learnfrom each other, share business, grow as woman, lean on each other, and support our community. I’ve never found a group that helps build each of us to become our best self no matter what our roles in life.”

Jaclyn Schmitz

Personal Insurance Agent, Liberty Mutual

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