Wentzville Firefighters Community Outreach has Sponsored this event Hosted By Little Black Book: Women in Business

herPOWer Self-Defense, Empowerment, and Personal Safety Course, presented by DNA Defense will empower women and their daughters to be aware of their surroundings, identify the environment, and react appropriately if there is an attack…create space and GET AWAY SAFELY!

The more prepared you are to defend yourself the less likely you will ever have to. Women who know how to recognize and then effectively respond to potentially dangerous situations and get out safely. They can enjoy a happier and more fulfilling life.

LEVEL I Training is the foundation for learning the mindset and skills necessary to be a Lion in Lamb’s Clothing. During this training, participants will learn the philosophy for evaluating their environment, situational awareness, and defense strategies. Further training will build upon the lessons and skills learned in LEVEL I Training.

– Protect yourself as a woman18010686_10212877878049605_396261907323961878_n
– Reduce the fears of being attacked
– Empower your self-confidence and self-esteem
– Memorize fight skills with no thought, it becomes part of your DNA

Every participant leaves with knowledge, confidence, and a herPOWer T-Shirt

This community event is perfect for women and their daughters aged 13 and up.

Workshop Tuition:
LBB Member $50

Non-Member $65
Girls aged 13-18 $35

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