Adrienne Swanson,

Tastefully Simple Consultant (Silver Leader)

What would you do with the $500 business grant?

I am so honored to be nominated for this amazing achievement. I feel the reason I am been nominated for this is because of my passion for helping others through Little Black Book and through Tastefully Simple. With the $500 business grant I would make 10 extra meals each month to be distributed through the community for people who are struggling either medically or financially. My passion is bringing people back to the dinner table and I know too many people battling cancer like Jenifer Jarvis in our group and they could use the love and support of their community. Every month I have a make and take at my house and I would make these extra meals so the people at the event could give me names of families that are struggling or people I know and we could surprise them with meals!

Thank you for your consideration!

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