Michelle Leesmann,

Owner/Loan Officer at Leesman Mortgage Team – USA Mortgage

What would you do with the $500 business grant?

I am part of an organization called Homes for Heroes.  We are a group of realtor and lender affiliates, along with various other businesses dedicated to offering huge savings to our local heroes on the home purchase process.  This program is severely under marketed in our St. Charles County area and it is my goal to get communication out to this area in 2018 so our first responders, veterans, teachers, doctors and nurses all understand that they have options to realize significant savings when they go to purchase a home.  They actually receive a check after closing from the organization for a % of their overall purchase price.  A lot of times it can equal to be 50% of their closing costs.

It’s the best way I know how to give back to the individuals that sacrifice daily to support and give back to our local heroes who live and work in our community.

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